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2017 Reading Challenge

Jill Elizabeth has read 2 books toward her goal of 150 books.

Book Review: Demon, Interrupted by Elliot Parker

This was a very cool take on the classic good vs. evil concept, delivered in a well-written and engaging voice. I was contacted by the author and asked if I would be interested in taking a look at her urban fantasy, “centered around an infusion of Catholic mythology that assumes the Patron Saints passed supernatural powers onto their descendants, or X-men meets the Da Vinci code” with the delightful added explanation “I use Catholic mythology the way Rick Riordan uses the Greeks”. With that as my introduction, I was immediately intrigued – while using religious mythology as the underpinning of a story is not at all a new concept, the idea of focusing on saints and their powers was (at least, it was to me), and as a Catholic School-survivor, I couldn’t wait to see how this would play out. I was pleased, to say the very least (even if Sister Mary Roberta wouldn’t have been)…
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Guest Post: Top 15 Best Selling Books of All Time by Melissa Cartew

Today I’m pleased to bring you another guest post from contributor Melissa Cartew. If you missed her first guest post on books to read this year, you can find it here. Today she’s sharing a list of best sellers – enjoy!

Top 15 Best Selling Books of All Time

You know what completes a peaceful getaway, asides a good balcony view and a favorite drink? A perfect story that keeps your mind busy and full of guesses while it continues unfolding its unexpected plot twist. And boy, we do love some good books! It is quite possible for one to never run out of book choices from a ton of best-selling books. Every day the world of literature is teeming with golden reads, both old and new. And these books are waiting to be found by the readers they were created for.
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Book Review: Valley of Time by Jeremy Holden

Recently, I shared my review of the first in the Mal Thomas series – Sea of Doubt. Today I bring you my thoughts on the sequel, Valley of Time, in which our fearless hero finds himself confronted by UFOs, time travel, and one man’s quest to deal with his past… It may not sound as dramatic as the Second Coming, but I assure you, once again there is more here than meets the eye… Enjoy!

Valley of Time: The Greatest Journey Ever Taken
I almost didn’t finish this one – not that it was badly written or anything, just because the beginning felt almost exactly like a repeat of the first book and because the questions I raised at the end of that one were nowhere near my mind – or the story – this time around… I persevered – largely because of other people’s reviews, honestly – and in the end can report that it is NOT a repeat of the earlier book, although there were a number of similarities (most notably in the first half). Central among those is my incredulity that anyone who had been in marketing for as long as Mal Thomas would continue to be so willing to suspend disbelief and wholeheartedly believe what CEOs were telling him… I say that a bit tongue-in-cheek, but just a bit – especially in this second book, there were a number of times when I found myself making “WTF?!” notes on my Kindle because I couldn’t really accept that anyone who had been through the things he had would continue marching along so open-heartedly. Still, I suppose Mal’s willingness to look on the bright side of things to the point of needing sunglasses in a closet at night is one of his more endearing qualities – even if it sometimes makes his actions in the story a little hard to swallow… Continue reading Book Review: Valley of Time by Jeremy Holden

Book Review: Into the Drowning Deep by Mira Grant

Creatures, animals, monsters – it’s all degrees, isn’t it?


Nature is bigger and weirder than anyone ever wants to think it is.

I LOVE Mira Grant (and her other writings as Seanan McGuire). She has a totally immersive storytelling style that I nearly always lose myself in (the lone exception: Swallow Road)… This latest is no exception – this time, she’s tackling mermaids. Yes, you heard me – mermaids. But don’t picture Disney – these are mermaids red in tooth and claw, and they’re fantastic!! Continue reading Book Review: Into the Drowning Deep by Mira Grant

Book Review: The Lost Season of Love and Snow by Jennifer Laam

It was maybe a 3.5… There was great promise – I really enjoyed the beginning and the history. Russian literature is such a fascinating subject, and I admit I didn’t know much about the Pushkins before reading this one. I found it very interesting to learn how they came together, and to get a peek behind the curtain of Russian courtly/high society life in this particular era. The part I struggled with was the abrupt shift from a historical novel about women’s roles in society and the difficulties of life under the iron rule of the Tsar to a rather fluffy tale about a woman whose husband tells her to flirt her way through society so he can write – and who is then surprised when she likes the attention and he doesn’t. Continue reading Book Review: The Lost Season of Love and Snow by Jennifer Laam



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