2020 Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge
Jill Elizabeth has read 6 books toward her goal of 240 books.

Book Review: Syrian Brides by Anna Halabi

What an enjoyable and interesting set of stories! I’m generally not a fan of short stories; the necessarily abbreviated characterization usually leaves me feeling like I’m missing out on something and the plot suffers for me as a result. These stories read more like Aesop’s fables or anecdotal gossipy tales between friends though, and I enjoyed them for that. Continue reading Book Review: Syrian Brides by Anna Halabi

Book Review: Working Weekend by Penelope Hill

I liked this one! It was an original spin on common supernatural themes, offered with a generous dose of humor and a peek behind the curtain at authors, writing, fandom, and the magic that is themed conventions. I found it snarky and funny and just the right amount of dark. I wasn’t sure where things were going for a while, and enjoyed the sense of confusion and uncertainty. It built a nice tension that kept me turning pages until things started falling into place. The characters were a great blend of personalities that intermingled tropes and originality in a way I thought perfect for the story – which is, itself, such a melange. It was a cool construct that worked beautifully here. Continue reading Book Review: Working Weekend by Penelope Hill

Book Review: Catherine House by Elisabeth Thomas

This one was, well, weird. And I’m still not sure if I mean that in a good way…

I was highly intrigued by the concept and loved the cover. The beginning drew me in straightaway and I was confident this was going to be a great fit for me. Then about half-way through I found the story drifting away from me and nearly left it altogether. It devolved from a quirky, off-kilter, vaguely menacing tale about something I couldn’t quite figure out into a disconcerting melange of ennui and bizarre inexplicables that left me wanting to shake every single character to see what fell out. Continue reading Book Review: Catherine House by Elisabeth Thomas

Guest Post: Title in Search of a Story by Ashley E. Sweeney, Author of Answer Creek

Today I’m pleased to introduce you to Ashley E. Sweeney, author of the new book, Answer Creek. Shaped by Sweeney’s thorough research and vivid prose, this memorable and moving novel of the Donner Party rises above the scandalous to deliver a compassionate portrayal of families pushed to the edge of their humanity and of a determined young woman carving her own path toward love and independence. Ashley was gracious enough to provide insight into her writing process and the background of her story. Enjoy!

Title in Search of a Story
by Ashley E. Sweeney

It’s my experience that stories find me. First as a journalist and now as an author, I see and hear things through a tightly coiled and ultra-sensitive antenna. It could be a snippet of a conversation or a detail I notice as I drive by that spurs me to take pen to paper. Or it could be a situation that proverbially smacks me in the face and I race home to get it on the page. Continue reading Guest Post: Title in Search of a Story by Ashley E. Sweeney, Author of Answer Creek

Book Review: Kill the King by Sandrone Dazieri

This is an other of those deceptively short reviews… This is an incredibly complex, emotionally charged, horrifically graphically violent series and I loved EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF EACH BOOK! I’ve reviewed the second – Kill the Angel on here; the first I read but not as a review book, so the review only ran on GoodReads. Do NOT attempt to read this series out of order, you will be utterly lost and miss all the gorgeous intricacies of this brilliantly plotted story line. You need a strong stomach for it, but it’s well worth the gruesome bits because the characterizations are amazing. Honestly, some of the best I’ve ever read, in any genre, any language…

I LOVED this dark disturbing and wholly original series!! The final installment was spectacular, tying all the loose ends together in the end with the perfect pacing, fraught tension and horrifying violence that comprised this amazing trilogy. Continue reading Book Review: Kill the King by Sandrone Dazieri




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