2021 Reading Challenge

2021 Reading Challenge
Jill Elizabeth has read 3 books toward her goal of 245 books.

Excerpt: The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner

Today I’m pleased to bring you an excerpt from The Lost Apothecary, another title in the Harlequin Trade Publishing winter historical fiction book tour. Enjoy!

About the Book
In this addictive and spectacularly imagined debut, a female apothecary secretly dispenses poisons to liberate women from the men who have wronged them—setting three lives across centuries on a dangerous collision course. Pitched as Kate Morton meets The Miniaturist, The Lost Apothecary is a bold work of historical fiction with a rebellious twist that heralds the coming of an explosive new talent. Continue reading Excerpt: The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner

Book Review: The Perfect 10 by Eric O’Keefe

I find it fascinating that so many of the reviews surrounding this book are focused on the cover and not the sorry… I too found the cover to be a surprise and not at all relevant to the story contained between its covers. That being said, McGinnis is amazing and his art is very cool – I’m just not sure that it was a great fit for this particular book.

As murder mysteries go, I found this one to be slower than I like – I suspect it’s due to the extensive polo descriptions, as well as the focus on brands and lifestyle. It’s a category of book I don’t normally pick up – I know a lot of people enjoy reading about the High Life, so name-dropping is no big deal, but it’s never really been the way to my heart. That tends to be view a well-plotted, well-paced mystery with great characterization. Unfortunately I felt this one lacking in those areas… Continue reading Book Review: The Perfect 10 by Eric O’Keefe

Excerpt: Folk Songs by Trauma Surgeons by Keith Rosson AND a $50 Book Spree Giveaway!

Today I’m pleased to introduce you to Keith Rosson’s new collection of short stories – Folk Songs by Trauma Surgeons – and offer both an excerpt (behind the scenes with the Tooth Fairy) and an opportunity to enter a $50 book spree giveaway! Enjoy…

About the Book
With Folk Songs for Trauma Surgeons, award-winning author Keith Rosson delves into notions of family, grief, identity, indebtedness, loss, and hope, with the surefooted merging of literary fiction and magical realism he’s explored in previous novels. In “Dunsmuir,” a newly sober husband buys a hearse to help his wife spread her sister’s ashes, while “The Lesser Horsemen” illustrates what happens when God instructs the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to go on a team-building cruise as a way of boosting their frayed morale. In “Brad Benske and the Hand of Light,” an estranged husband seeks his wife’s whereabouts through a fortuneteller after she absconds with a cult, and in “High Tide,” a grieving man ruminates on his brother’s life as a monster terrorizes their coastal town. With grace, imagination, and a brazen gallows humor, Folk Songs for Trauma Surgeons merges the fantastic and the everyday, and includes a number of Rosson’s unpublished stories, as well as award-winning favorites.
Continue reading Excerpt: Folk Songs by Trauma Surgeons by Keith Rosson AND a $50 Book Spree Giveaway!

Book Review: A House at the Bottom of a Lake by Josh Malerman

I’m still not sure how I feel about this one… It was creepy and cool for a while (the tone is totally captured by the amazing cover). And it was also weirdly vague and left me at a bit of a loss. Sure, suspension of disbelief is a major requirement – but that is the case in a lot of what I read, so that doesn’t bother me in and of itself. Yes, a vague non-ending is becoming de rigeur in this type of story – but ditto. Neither of those on their own throws me off of a story, but something about the way they played out in this one is why I’m hesitant to recommend it and unsure whether I enjoyed it or not… Continue reading Book Review: A House at the Bottom of a Lake by Josh Malerman

Excerpt: Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers

Today I’m delighted to offer an excerpt from a debut novel about what happens when you let go – and your life changes literally overnight… Enjoy!

About the Book
HONEY GIRL (Park Row Books; February 23, 2021; $17.99) by Morgan Rogers is a stunning #ownvoices debut, a charming, lyrical, and introspective romantic coming-of-age story about Grace Porter – millennial, Black woman, astronomy Ph.D. – who wakes up after a wild night in Vegas married to a woman she doesn’t know. Continue reading Excerpt: Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers